Microsoft Apps and their Purpose

Microsoft Apps : A specific Microsoft Office suite depends on the Microsoft Office package.

You have selected. The main applications of Office include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. On the other hand, Business Suites certainly provides specific combinations as well and Publisher and Access.


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Microsoft Apps : A short description of each app and its services are:-

Microsoft Word

This is one of the most frequently used app, and it helps to create documents, flyers, publications.

Microsoft Excel

Used to store, organise, and manipulate data.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It is a standalone application to create a multimedia presentation.

Microsoft Access

Helps to manage the database from computers or network.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft publisher helps to create extensive publications, posters, flyers, menus.

Microsoft OneNote

It enables a user to neatly organise the data you collect, including handwritten notes, drawings, screens, computers, audio clips, and more.

Microsoft OneDrive

It helps you to store data online.

Consequently, this list given above can show you how many combinations of apps can be used together.

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