5 ways you get MS Office License for Free

MS Office License : Microsoft Office is the well known famous software on earth. This software makes the job of every person easier and comfortable. It is developed by Microsoft and can install through It is useful in all the business like institutes, colleges, schools, offices and also for the company purpose. Other applications has not established so many programs including MS Office. It timely introduced upgrades solely for the ease of individuals. Each of the applications perform different functions. It has a user friendly interface; even the students can easily use this software.

MS Office License

5 ways through You Get MS Office for Free: Provides you ways through which you can use MS Office for free:

1. Obtain Office in the School: If you are student then you are going to find the Office subscription for free.
You just have to put in the school email address. You get all the applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive at No Cost.

2. Use Mobile Apps : Microsoft Office is similar to Office Online. This way you can edit and create documents but it is dependent screen size. Microsoft Office Mobile Apps are available for free on Windows – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote and SharePoint. You will not get the full features of Office 365 in free MS Office Online.

3.Sign up for free trial of Office 365 Professional also: You sign up for the free trial version of  Office 365 Pro Plus . This way you wll get the MS Office 2019 attributes for free.

4. Use MS Office Online : If you have MS accounts then you may enjoy MS Office for free. It is possible to use these applications on your PC, Apple Mac, or Linux. It also offer features like real-time Skype . In this you will not receive all the features of Office 365 but in this you will be able to edit documents.

5.Sign up for Office 365 for Trial: In the trial version you will get the complete MS Office 2019 suite. You will also receive the cloud storage space and Skype feature. Once your trial expires, you must supply Microsoft your credit, debit or Paypal account so that after expiration, Microsoft automatically charge.

If you want additional details, about MS Office License  simply visit the official website of MS Office via For help and assistance, you may also call in their toll free number.

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